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One of the more popular promos T-Mobile offers is a “free line”, where customers can get a line of service on their accounts for no additional monthly charge. It looks like T-Mobile is about to offer another one, though this time it’s only for existing customers who qualify.

According to a document shared with us here at The Mobile Report, select customers on existing grandfathered plans like Essentials, Simple Choice, Magenta, and ONE plans will soon be eligible for a completely free line.

The big catch is these customers must migrate their entire accounts to the new Go5G Plus plan and must also have at least two paid lines already.

The document states that only customers “pre-selected” for this offer will be eligible. Eligible accounts will have a “segment” on their accounts, which are essentially internal notes that T-Mobile representatives can view. If the segment is on the account, which is “2023Q2 BYOD Free Line w/DCC”, the customer can switch to Go5G Plus and add a free voice line.

Switching from a legacy grandfathered plan, especially ones with unique promotions like Kickback and ONE Plus promo, is unlikely to be popular for many people. However, most account-level promos, like free line and insider discounts, should migrate to the new Go5G Plus plan if customers decide to switch.

There’s another catch too. The line is only available as a “bring your own device” line. This means you won’t be able to take advantage of any of T-Mobile’s phone promotions on this line. You’ll either need to have or buy a phone elsewhere or buy one from T-Mobile at full retail price.

Oh, and don’t forget about that mandatory $35 DCC fee (unless you complete your transaction at a qualifying Costco location).

The offer is only valid for customers on a grandfathered plan with an account created before May 15th. Customers interested in the offer can ask support or visit a store to see if you qualify beginning on May 23rd.

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