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T-Mobile launched a new “Line On Us” promotion today. It offered a free line to Magenta MAX customers that had no other free lines. Well, it looks like the system that handles T-Mobile’s promotions isn’t quite as robust as they might want, because there’s a bug that’s granting it to more than just those customers.

If you’re on Magenta MAX but have free lines already, it may be worth trying to get the latest “Line on Us” anyway, because according to user reports and an internal document, the system is granting the promotion to pretty much anyone on Magenta MAX.

This is similar to what happened back in December, where a free line designed for “only targeted customers” seems to have been available for pretty much anyone that added a line.

The promotion still seems to only apply to Magenta MAX. Customers on legacy ONE plans, for example, have tried adding a line themselves but the promotion didn’t show up.

If you’re on Magenta MAX and wouldn’t mind having a spare line for no cost, you can chat into customer support or add the line yourself online. Keep in mind, there is a risk by adding it yourself, as the promo could still not be eligible on your specific account. Some customers are reporting the DCC is also waived when you add the line to an existing eSIM you have access to.

There’s currently no word on an end date for this promotion. Customers interested should add the line as soon as they can.

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