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sprint sim retirement

Are you a legacy Sprint customer still stubbornly holding on to your Sprint SIM card? If so, you don’t have long before you’ll be forced to switch to a T-Mobile SIM card.

According to a document shared with us here at The T-Mo Report, T-Mobile has begun sending legal notices to customers still using Sprint SIM cards. The notices inform the customer that their SIM cards are reaching “End of Life”, and that they must change to a T-Mobile SIM card as soon as possible.

T-Mobile finalized their purchase of Sprint back in April of 2020. Since then, they have been taking steps to merge the Sprint user base into T-Mobile. Most customers with Sprint plans have already been migrated to the T-Mobile billing system with mixed results, and most Sprint towers should have been converted to T-Mobile towers by now.

Most recently, T-Mobile began removing Sprint systems from T-Mobile retail stores. Most locations are now unable to service Sprint plans that have not yet migrated to T-Mobile’s billing system.

T-Mobile once even offered to pay customers to change over to T-Mobile SIM cards.

The document goes on to say that on May 1st, all Sprint SIM cards will completely lose service. Impacted customers have received texts and emails on February 1st, and will also receive them on March 1st. Those that still haven’t changed by April 3rd will be sent a notice in the mail as well.

Some Sprint customers have complained in the past that they’ve tried T-Mobile SIMs and discovered their signal was not as good. Most of these concerns should be alleviated by now due to tower migrations, but there could still be some areas where customers won’t be happy with the new signal.

Customers still on Sprint SIMs should switch to T-Mobile ones by May 1st to avoid full disconnection. T-Mobile notes that this could even affect 911 connectivity in some areas.

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