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Are you still using a Sprint SIM card in your phone? Have you been ignoring the texts and calls asking you to change over to a T-Mobile SIM card? If so, it looks like your delay will soon get you a few bucks in bill credit.

The “T-Mobile Network Experience”, or “TNX” for short, is what T-Mobile calls the process of changing out a legacy Sprint customer’s SIM card for a T-Mobile one. This process changes the network those customers connect to, and allows them to take full advantage of the T-Mobile towers and bands.

T-Mobile has been urging customers still using Sprint SIM cards to “TNX” their lines for over a year now. Employees at T-Mobile stores were even given bonus perks for getting a customer to change over to a Sprint SIM. With Sprint’s LTE network set to retire at the end of June, it’s now more urgent than ever for those customers to change their SIM cards.

According to a document shared with us here at The T-Mo Report, embedded below, targeted Sprint customers who still haven’t TNX’d their lines will be offered a $10 bill credit per line to switch to T-Mobile SIM cards.

That means a Sprint account with 6 lines still using Sprint SIMs, for example, will receive $60 in bill credit if the customer changes out all 6 SIM cards to T-Mobile ones.

In order to qualify for the bill credits, all lines on the account must be TNX’d. This means if there’s one person on a family plan that isn’t willing to change SIMs, you won’t be eligible for any bill credits at all.

The offer starts June 30th. Customers that complete the TNX process on all their lines will receive a text message confirming their pending bill credits. The promotional bill credits should be distributed within 1-2 billing cycles.

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