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T-Mobile’s Home Internet service has been exploding in popularity ever since it officially launched last year, so much so that they recently added another manufacturer to augment their hardware supply. The only catch was that some addresses weren’t eligible due to tower capacity. That detail will no longer be a problem though, because T-Mobile is planning to introduce a new Home Internet “Lite” that will offer limited data buckets starting at $50/mo.

First reported by CNET and confirmed via internal documents shared with us here at The T-Mo Report, T-Mobile will soon offer Home Internet to basically anyone that gets a T-Mobile cell signal at their home. The catch? If your local tower is saturated and unable to offer unlimited data, you’ll be limited to a monthly data cap.

The new Lite Home Internet plans are available to any address that has LTE/5G coverage from T-Mobile that doesn’t already qualify for the standard unlimited Home Internet plan. Pricing starts at $50/mo for 100GB of data and goes up from there as seen in the image below.

Once the data cap has been reached, speeds drop to a pretty much unusable 128kbps. Customers should regularly check back in on the T-Mobile Home Internet signup page to see if their address has been upgraded to be eligible for unlimited.

The new plans are set to become available on August 16th.

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