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T-Mobile’s Home Internet service has been quite popular across the country, with over 40 million households eligible as of the end of June. It provides speeds of at least 35 Mbps, with most customers experiencing over 100 Mbps down. Customers wanting to sign up needed to either have or open a new T-Mobile account. Unfortunately existing legacy Sprint customers weren’t able to join in. That’s about to change.

According to a document shared with us here at The T-Mo Report, embedded below, legacy Sprint customers will soon be able to open a separate T-Mobile Home Internet account and keep their existing Sprint account at the same time.

Sprint customers were unable to sign up for Home Internet before because Sprint accounts cannot add a Home Internet line. Those customers would have to migrate to a T-Mobile account (and plan) before being eligible for Home Internet.

With this change, Sprint customers will keep their Sprint accounts as-is, and can open a separate T-Mobile Home Internet account. This new account is only for Home Internet, and will not support voice lines. New voice lines would need to be added to the existing legacy Sprint plan.

Customers who choose this option will receive two separate bills: One for their Sprint plan and one for the new Home Internet.

Overall, this is a good sign that T-Mobile plans to support legacy Sprint accounts for the long term. T-Mobile also recently fixed an issue on legacy Sprint plans using T-Mobile SIM cards. The folks over on the r/japanplan subreddit are likely to be happy about this news. Hopefully it means that their Japan plans, along with other legacy plans, will continue to be supported into the far future.

The new signup option for Sprint customers begins July 21st.

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