New T-Mobile Promos Offer Up To $800 Off The Galaxy S22 Series

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The Samsung Galaxy S22 line of devices is in high demand, being one of the top Android phones available. Lately, T-Mobile has offered up to $800 off the devices on Magenta MAX when you add a line and trade in an eligible device. Starting tomorrow, though, you’ll only need to either add a line or trade in a device thanks to new promos. Non-premium customers have a few options as well.

According to leaked documents shared with us here at The T-Mo Report, starting June 2nd T-Mobile customers who add a line on Magenta MAX or other premium plans can get $800 off any of the Samsung Galaxy S22 line, no trade-in required. Customers that don’t need new lines can also trade in an eligible device to get up to $800 off as well. That makes the standard Galaxy S22 free after credits. The S21 line, Note 20 line, and Z Flip3 and Z Fold3 are also included.

Here are the eligible trade-in devices and their values for premium plan customers:

In addition, all postpaid customers can take advantage of another promotion for up to $600 off the Samsung Galaxy S22 line when you trade in an eligible device or add a line on any plan. This means even legacy and non-premium plans can add a line for $600 off, or trade in an eligible device for up to $600 off depending on the trade-in. As with the other deal, the S21 line, Note 20 line, and Z Flip3 and Z Fold3 are also included.

Here are the eligible trade-in device and their values for non-premium plan customers:

Overall, these are pretty decent promotions for the S22 line of devices. It’s great to see non-premium plans get a bit more off than usual, too. In the past, T-Mobile has only offered half the value that MAX customers get. This time around, they get about 75% of the value.

The new promotions start tomorrow, June 2nd. Customers can order online or in the app to avoid the $35 upgrade fee, or you can buy in-store at your local T-Mobile.

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