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T-Mobile is expanding their new in-store repair services by offering repairs to all Apple customers, even if that customer isn’t on T-Mobile.

According to documents shared with The T-Mo Report, T-Mobile stores that offer repair services will soon offer repairs to all Apple customers via appointments scheduled on the Apple support website. This even includes customers who are on AT&T or Verizon.

The documents state that this feature began rollout on Monday, with more stores being added daily. Our source, however, states that the rollout was moved forward, and that it will launch at all repair locations tomorrow, January 19th. The reason for the expansion is listed as, simply, more traffic to the repair locations, which means more repairs and more profit.

T-Mobile’s repair stores will offer front glass replacements, speaker and camera replacements, and other AppleCare-covered and warranty-covered repairs. If devices are unable to be repaired on-site, the store will offer to mail-in the device for repair or offer a replacement.

Repair stores became a thing late last year, starting around the time when T-Mobile migrated Sprint Complete customers to Protection 360. T-Mobile converted existing Sprint repair stores to T-Mobile repair stores, and also added around 100 new repair locations to existing T-Mobile stores.

Sprint stores once famously offered $49 screen repairs to all Samsung phone owners regardless of carrier. They then often used that interaction to try and persuade the customer to switch to Sprint. It’s possible T-Mobile will do something similar at some point, now that they will be offering repair services to all Apple customers.

Apple customers can begin scheduling repair appointments in many T-Mobile repair store locations starting today, with a full rollout happening tomorrow, January 19th.

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