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A recent tip suggests T-Mobile may finally be releasing their Home Internet Mesh nodes.

According to a screen from a new Home Internet training course for employees, embedded below, the T-Mobile Mesh Network nodes will be sold separately from the Home Internet service. It states that “Customers will be able to purchase this Mesh add-on device to experience the benefits of Mesh technology when it becomes available.”

Interestingly enough, the mesh network image they use appears to be one from tp-link, but as far as we know the unit is a rebranded Nokia mesh system.

The nodes will feature WiFi tech that matches the Home Internet gateway’s tech, specifically the WiFi 6 standard. They will most likely be the ones spotted at the FCC all the way back in January.

No word on pricing or when the tech will be available, though the tipster did indicate that the training was due by July 20th. We might see these drop by the end of the month.

Planning to grab one (or more) of these for your T-Mobile Home Internet service? Let us know below what you think!

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