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T-Mobile’s Jon Freier has informed T-Mobile stores of a new mask policy.

According to an email obtained by The T-Mo Report (linked at the bottom of this post), T-Mobile stores will no longer require masks for vaccinated customers and employees beginning on June 30th.

The email goes on to state that vaccinated employees who report a “Level 1 exposure”, which is when an employee is exposed to someone who has COVID-19 but tests negative, will no longer be required to quarantine as of June 1st. Stores will also end daily wellness temperature checks for employees on July 1st.

As I’ve said countless times, your personal safety is our north star. It would be very easy to update these policies immediately and simply move on. However, it’s very important that we provide another 45 days to put our frontline teams in a position to become fully vaccinated. While vaccination is not currently a requirement for employees, we continue to encourage employees to become fully vaccinated for their own protection, and for the protection of others as now reported by the CDC.

Jon Freier, Executive Vice President, Consumer Markets

The CDC recently updated their mask guidelines for vaccinated people. If it has been two weeks after your final vaccine dose you are considered “fully vaccinated” and “can resume activities that you did prior to the pandemic”. The new guidelines have been controversial with some groups, such as National Nurses United, who say it’s too soon to remove the mask mandates.

Customers will be on an “honor system” as to if they are or are not vaccinated. T-Mobile’s mask policy will stay in effect until June 30th, however stores will no longer enforce the mask policy effective immediately.

What are your thoughts on the mask requirements? Share your thoughts below.

Click here for the full email from Jon Freier

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