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T-Mobile is increasing the fee they charge when you upgrade a phone or add a line with a support rep.

The “ASC”, or Assisted Support Charge, is a fee charged when a customer adds a line using a support representative. This can be online via live chat or t-force, or in person at a store. The “USC” is Upgrade Support Charge, and is also increasing to $30. It’s the fee you pay when upgrading/buying a phone using a support representative.

The news comes first via a post on Reddit, and has been independently confirmed by us here at The T-Mo Report.

These fees were originally set to increase to $25 back in April, but those plans seem to have been postponed.

One positive change is the SIM fee will be reduced from $10 to $0. This will benefit customers purchasing online, who will no longer have to pay $10 per device.

Overall, this change mostly results in a net zero effect for customers making purchases via support. Those customers are going from a $20 support fee + $10 SIM fee to a $30 support fee and no SIM fee. For online customers, however, it saves $10. This implies T-Mobile’s goal is to continue to drive self-serve sales and reduce support sales.

The changes are set to take effect on May 21st.

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