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T-Mobile is increasing their support fee by $5.

The Assisted Support Charge (or ASC for short) is charged when a customer adds a line of service or a device upgrade via support channels. This includes in-store, online via T-Force or chat, and call-in support.

On April 7th, the fee is increasing from the current $20 to $25. Along with the $10 SIM fee, that means any time you buy a device upgrade or a new line and you don’t do it yourself on the T-Mobile website, you’ll be charged $35 in fees.

The news comes from an internal source at T-Mobile. The ASC was last increased back in August of 2019. At that time it drew criticism as a very “carrier” thing to do, given how “Un-Carrier” is T-Mobile’s motto.

If you want to avoid the fee, you can make any changes yourself on the My T-Mobile website or in the T-Mobile app. The support charge won’t apply, but you’ll still have a $10 sim fee.

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