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Team of Experts

The live chat for support via the app and website will soon lead to outsourced reps only.

According to a post on Reddit and independently confirmed by us here at The T-Mo Report, T-Mobile is ending domestic chat support and reassigning those representatives to phone support. The current expected date of this change is May 12th.

Team of Experts (TEX for short) was announced as part of an uncarrier move back in 2018. It’s a series of dedicated teams positioned to help customers based in the same general geographical region as the customer. The idea is if you call support you get the same local team to help every time. The T-Mobile app offered a way to chat in directly to these teams to get help. Those chats will now apparently be sent to outsourced staff or to an automated chat bot.

The change will not affect T-Force, which is T-Mobile’s social media support team on Twitter and Facebook.

The reason seems to be an increased demand for voice-based customer support. The messaging teams are being reassigned to join the voice support teams, and will still be the same local TEX groups as before.

There have been many reports around the internet about longer and longer wait times on support calls. These changes seem to be an attempt to fix that issue.

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