Team Of Experts Expanding To Sprint Customers

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T-Mobile’s “Team of Experts” support teams are expanding to serve Sprint customers.

According to Callie Field, EVP & Chief Customer Experience Officer for T-Mobile, Sprint customers will soon have access to T-Mobile’s Team of Experts (TEX) support teams. She included a hype video featuring a drum team, embedded below.

TEX is T-Mobile’s solution to the common woes of customer support. Launched back in 2018 as part of an uncarrier initiative, it features groups of support teams that are localized within the same general viscinity of the customer. The idea is when a customer calls in for support, they get the same team every time. The claim was this reduced bouncing around phone trees and transfers.

This move coincides closely with the recent news that TEX is ending domestic text chat support. Those representatives are being moved to the voice support team (call-ins) and text chat support will become fully outsourced.

Are you a Sprint customer looking forward to the new and improved support channel? Let us know below!

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