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A recent email sent to employees seems to suggest that their “Metro by T-Mobile” prepaid services will soon be sold directly in T-Mobile corporate and third-party stores.

“For Prepaid, we have an enormous opportunity in front of us” the email states. “While we’ve been historically very successful in the nation’s most urban and densely populated segments throughout the history of T-Mobile, we have more to do especially in rural America.”

It goes on to say that “You will see us launch our Metro by T-Mobile premium prepaid products in our T-Mobile branded COR and TPR stores in rural America, and see us expand distribution of prepaid products in new and innovative ways as well. This includes our traditional voice and new non-voice products too!”

It’s unclear whether “non-voice products” could include other services like home internet offerings or television services. A prepaid “pay-as-you-go” style offering for those products could prove quite popular.

In the past, T-Mobile and it’s Metro dealers have been at odds over changes implemented by T-Mobile. Dealers have accused T-Mobile of attempting to “poach customers”, and On October 1st 2020, new rules went into effect at existing Metro by T-Mobile dealer stores that affect their compensation. Dealers created a petition for people to sign, saying “We are not a franchise, which they are treating us like one. That is illegal.”

Back in October, the National Wireless Independent Dealer Association (NWIDA) shared concerns that T-Mobile may be planning to close 1000+ Metro stores, saying the new compensation changes by T-Mobile can sometimes lead stores to “lose money on every sale”.

It’s unclear if these issues are a driving force behind this new decision to sell the prepaid services directly at T-Mobile-branded stores.

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