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quibi plus roku logos

Long ago, in the far off year of 2019, T-Mobile partnered up with a new streaming service called Quibi. Then, in April of 2020, T-Mobile announced all their customers would get a year of Quibi for free.

Unfortunately Quibi didn’t last the full year, announcing in October of 2020 that they would be shutting down December 1st, a mere 8 months after launch. Now it seems it’s content may live on over at Roku.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Quibi is “in advanced talks to sell its content catalog to Roku”. The rights to the entire Quibi library of shows would be acquired by Roku under the terms of the deal. Apparently the financial decisions are yet to be decided, so the deal could fall apart.

Roku has been pushing to create a thriving platform for content on it’s devices via the Roku Channel that was launched in 2017. Adding exclusive content, even content it has to purchase from Quibi, would help push customers to Roku. As of now, the Roku Channel hosts content from other providers in an ad-supported manner.

Were there any shows on Quibi that you were interested in? Looking forward to their return? Comment below!

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