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T-Mobile has announced a new “Home Internet Plus” as part of their latest newsroom post. The service is quite similar to their standard Home Internet plan but with a few added perks.

Home Internet Plus is advertised as the ideal service for customers with heavy internet usage and lots of devices, as well as for homes that are larger and have difficulties getting Wi-Fi to every corner of the home.

We’ve obtained a few images of some internal documents detailing how Home Internet Plus works, shown below.

There are two key benefits of the Plus plan over the standard Home Internet: A Wi-Fi mesh access point and 24/7 home support.

Wi-Fi Mesh

We covered a new Wi-Fi Mesh Access Point that we spotted at the FCC back in mid-April. The unit is made by Arcadyan, the same manufacturer of the G4AR gateway.

The device will support Wi-Fi 6 and easily connect with the company’s G4AR gateway. It allows customers to extend the Wi-Fi range of their gateway so you get perfect signal everywhere in the home.

According to T-Mobile, the new mesh will only work with the G4AR variant, so it’s possible the G4SE version, manufacturered by Sercomm, won’t be compatible. Other notes indicate the G4AR variant is the dominant version being sent to stores, so it’s possible the Sercomm was a temporary arrangement to fill the shortages during manufacturing.

Personal TechPro

The second perk for signing up for the Plus plan is Assurant Personal TechPro.

The service offers unlimited personal support from a real U.S. based support person for help with any tech devices in your home.

These support reps will be able to assist with connecting things like video doorbells and washers to your home internet’s Wi-Fi, and assist with setup and even virus removal. All of this is included at no extra charge when you sign up for the Home Internet Plus plan.

Is it worth it?

Overall, it comes down to price for most people. Is the 24/7 support and a mesh node worth the extra cost?

The base Home Internet plan is just $40 per month for premium voice plan customers and $50 for other voice plan customers. During promo, the new Plus plan will be $10 more than that per month for these customers. Customers without a voice line with T-Mobile will pay $60 per month for standard and $70 per month for Plus.

That means you’ll pay an extra $120 per year for extended Wi-Fi and 24/7 support that you may not even need. Is it worth that price?


The new Home Internet Plus plan will be available on April 26th, along with the company’s new Away plan. Customers can sign up online on the T-Mobile website or via support/in-store.

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