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T-Mobile Home Internet officially launched back in April of 2021. Since then, there have been four different gateway models given to customers, the latest of which, the “Gen 4“, being manufactured by both Sercomm and Arcadyan.

Originally, the Nokia model was planned to have additional mesh Wi-Fi nodes, images and details of which we featured all the way back in January of 2021. Due to unknown reasons however, T-Mobile decided never to release them or make them available for customers.

Now though, according to a recent filing at the FCC, it appears the company may be trying again. A new mesh node, the label of which reads “T-Mobile Internet Wi-Fi Mesh Access Point”, has been spotted by us here at The Mobile Report. The unit has the model number “WE6204430“.

Due to confidentiality requests, so far we only have an example label and a rough idea of where said label will appear on the unit. Based on the admittedly vague diagram, shown below, it’s likely the access point will be a round plastic unit standing vertically on a stand (though that’s just a guess). This would vaguely match how the current Gen 4 models stand upright on a base.

Arcadyan, who as mentioned previously is one of the two manufacturers of the Gen 4 gateway, is also the manufacturer of this new access point. It’s safe to say it will be compatible with the Arcadyan Gen 4 (TMOG4AR) and likely the Sercomm variant (TMOG4SE), but it’s not clear if it will work with the previous Sagemcom, Arcadyan, or Nokia gateways.

There’s no telling when (or even if) T-Mobile will make these mesh nodes available. The confidentiality documents on the FCC website indicate that the hidden documents (like external images) will be unsealed around April 30th, so it’s possible the devices could launch sometime in May (or even sooner). We’ll be sure to share the news if we find out more.

If you’re interested, though, keep your eye on the company’s accessories page, as that’s where they currently offer the external antenna attachment (though if you’re interested in an external antenna, we recommend one of the new ones from Waveform).

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