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Gaming stuff is not usually something we’d expect to see as a carrier promotion, but hey, weirder things have happened. Verizon is aggressively pushing its Home Internet service just as T-Mobile is heavily investing in its own, and in order to encourage people to choose one over the other, it has been running the occasional promotion and deal.

Their latest promotion will see Verizon give you a Nintendo Switch and a Samsung Chromebook (or a $200 gift card) if you get Verizon’s wireless home internet service.

Verizon has just launched a couple of perks it’s giving new Home Internet users. The most notable one is that if you get Verizon’s home internet with a 5G Home Plus or LTE Home Plus plan, you’ll get a Nintendo Switch on the house. It’s a very similar deal to their previously very popular Xbox Series X offer.

On top of this, you can also claim a $200 Target gift card (for you to use in whatever way you’d like best) or a Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go, if you want to have a laptop.

Regardless of whether you choose the gift card or the Chromebook, you still get the Nintendo Switch, which means you can be in for some long gaming sessions taking advantage of your new wireless internet service.

All you need to do is sign up for LTE or 5G Home Internet service before March 31st (the gift card/Chromebook deal ends on April 10th, but you probably want both). From there, just keep the service active for 65 days and claim the perk within 60 days, and both the console and your choice of a gift card/Chromebook will be shipped to you.

If you happen to not be eligible for LTE/5G Home Internet, but you are eligible for Verizon’s fiber home internet, you can still snag the laptop/$200 gift card promo, just not the Nintendo Switch.

You’ll also probably want to keep home internet for at least 180 days, since Verizon says that it reserves the right to charge back the promotional device (the Nintendo Switch) if you cancel before that period.

If interested, you can snag the deal here on Verizon’s website.

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