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T-Mobile’s “Device Connection Charge”, a unified name for the fee charged to customers upgrading their phones or activating new lines, has long been a sore point for customers. New customers signing up a whole family of lines for a new account often hesitate when they hear they’ll have over a hundred bucks to pay to start service.

Fortunately, a new promo has begun at T-Mobile that will help alleviate that burden. According to a document shared with us here at The Mobile Report, T-Mobile is reducing that fee for new customers for a limited time.

The DCC fee for new line activations will be just $5 each as of today, March 8th. That’s a $30 savings each. Customers will receive the discounted fee automatically across all purchasing channels, including online, via support, and in-store.

Unfortunately the discounted fee only applies to new lines, not upgrades. If you’re buying a new phone for an existing line, you’ll still have to pay the full $35 fee.

The good news is the $5 DCC promo for new lines has no limits, and is compatible with pretty much every new line you can add at T-Mobile.

There’s no word on when this promo ends, so if you’ve been considering a switch to T-Mobile, now might be a great time to do so to save a bit of cash up front.

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