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T-Mobile has offered prepaid services via a variety of brands for ages, but one of the most popular ones is an in-house T-Mobile branded plan called “Connect by T-Mobile”.

The Connect by T-Mobile plans were first announced back in November of 2019, and later launched in March of 2020. The plans initially started at $15 per month for 2GB of data, and $25 per month for 5GB of data. T-Mobile later added more plans starting at $10 per month and going up to $35 per month.

The Connect plans also had a unique perk: an Annual Data Upgrade that provided an extra 500MB of data to the plan every year. In the original announcement, it was said that the annual increase would be for 5 years.

According to a document obtained by us here at The Mobile Report, T-Mobile is now effectively ending the Annual Data Upgrade early by adding both 2024’s and 2025’s increases at the same time.

The document states that, as of March 25th, the cheaper of the two Connect plans (the ones originally offered back in 2020) have received their final two 500MB data bumps (as well as a bonus 500MB, it seems). The base $10 plan and the higher $35 plan were the ones added in 2022, and seemingly not included in the Annual Data Upgrade program, so they’re staying at the existing 1GB and 12GB respectively.

Nevada seems to have a special $25 plan as well, that increased from 8GB to 9GB. We’re not 100% sure why Nevada has their own, but our guess would be it was a special merger condition required for that state.

The news comes right around the same time as other prepaid news, namely a (significant) activation fee increase and a separate 2 for $75 unlimited data prepaid plan promo (which temporarily waives those fees).

The new data buckets are in effect now, and also available for new customers on T-Mobile’s website.

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