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T-Mobile 5G Home Internet Gateway Featured

5G home internet is, for many, a serious contender for household home internet. There’s no need for expensive fiber installation or plans, as it just uses the very same network your phone uses for connecting itself to the internet.

More importantly, there are no restrictions as you what you can browse. All you need to do is pay the flat monthly fee charged by your carrier and you’ll have access to ultra-fast 5G speeds for your home internet. T-Mobile offers excellent services, and if you want a cheap way to get into it, Metro by T-Mobile might have just what you need.

Metro by T-Mobile is offering a significant discount on T-Mobile’s Home Internet gateway device, typically priced at $24.99. For a limited time, customers can purchase the 5G Gateway for just $9.99. That’s more than half off its original price, although users must still subscribe to a T-Mobile Home Internet plan. Service is not free, after all.

The deal includes one free month of Home Internet, followed by the same monthly fee of $50 (with AutoPay enabled) that we’ve come to know for the carrier’s home internet service. Moreover, there are no fees for switching, with the carrier covering early termination fees up to $750. If you were thinking about hopping onto T-Mobile’s 5G home internet service, these are nice savings to have in mind.

Unfortunately, the offer is not available online, requiring interested individuals to visit a nearby Metro store. We’re not really sure whether this deal is actually available on all Metro locations, but it probably wouldn’t hurt to stop by your closest one.

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