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If you happen to live somewhere where 5G connectivity works really well, T-Mobile’s 5G Home Internet is a really neat thing to get. You can take advantage of the company’s nationwide 5G network, and tap into its speeds, for a flat monthly fee.

For some people, it might be a better deal than traditional cable or regular fiber, or it might be an adequate replacement for land-line connections in places where it might not be that reliable.

Pretty much since launch (other than a brief stint back in March of 2021), the monthly cost of their 5G Home Internet has been a relatively reasonable $50. However, as of January 18th onwards, there will be a slight increase in the fee for new customers.

T-Mobile is quietly shifting pricing for its 5G Home Internet service for new customers. Unlimited Home and Small Business Internet prices with AutoPay have increased to $60 per month, its “original launch pricing,” up from the current $50 per month. This is if you don’t currently have T-Mobile phone service.

The same discounts that were available before if you have a T-Mobile phone line still apply now. You get $20 off the monthly bill (final price $40 per month) if you have Go5G Next, Go5G Plus, or Magenta MAX, and $10 off (final price $50 per month) if you have any postpaid wireless plan.

Even with discounts, it’s still a $10 increase across the board, regardless of whether you were taking advantage of a discount or not.

This price increase will only apply to new customers subscribing to Home Internet service. If you already have Home Internet, and you have Price Lock on your current plan’s pricing, T-Mobile is not going to increase the price you’re currently paying. Still, it’s a sad time for fans of the old T-Mobile, and it looks like price increases are here to stay.

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