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Marcus East, Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Officer at T-Mobile, is leaving the company.

According to an email shared with us here at The Mobile Report, as well as multiple anonymous sources, Marcus East will be leaving the company by the end of August. As a result, some of T-Mobile’s leadership will be shuffled around a bit.

East’s job at T-Mobile involved “leading a talented team of designers, digital marketers, engineers, product specialists, and technologists”, according to T-Mobile’s leadership page.

Marcus and the Digital team create experiences that allow T-Mobile customers to seamlessly manage and enjoy their relationship with the company, removing friction in the pursuit of the goal to simplify and digitalize—one of the Un-carrier’s top priorities.

T-Mobile’s Executive Leadership Team Webpage

Néstor Cano, an existing T-Mobile EVP and Digital Officer who was formerly with Sprint, appears to be taking over for East. The upper executives spent weeks planning the new organizational structure of their cybersecurity, ETS, and Digital groups, and Cano shared the current plans via the same email, shown below.

Another source says East’s T-Mobile company Slack account is already deactivated, which could imply he’s already, effectively, no longer working for T-Mobile. It’s possible his official employment won’t end until the end of the month.

A post on TheLayoff corroborates the news as well. Replies are a bit critical of East, with suggestions of failed iPhone launch handling and lack of doing any meaningful work at all. Those comments come from possibly disgruntled employees, so of course those claims are not the view of The Mobile Report and we make no claims of their accuracy.

Other layoffs are possible

In addition to Marcus East, rumors abound on places like TheLayoff.com and Reddit that further layoffs may be coming.

One commenter on Reddit claims layoffs could be hitting support teams, such as training, resource planning, and other back end teams that aren’t immediately customer-facing.

However, a comment on TheLayoff.com says that layoffs are all but certain, and will happen throughout September and possibly into October. The user states that “a lot of IC (Individual Contributor) roles will be cut”, which may include store management or even individual Mobile Experts (standard store representatives).

If you aren’t a strong player in your team and have received poor performance reviews in the recent past.. take this as a warning, and go look for a new job today!

Anonymous user on TheLayoff

It is currently not fully clear which positions will be cut. Until we see actual employees being laid off or an announcement given by T-Mobile, we can’t say for sure.

We can’t confirm there will be more layoffs at all, as so far these are just rumors. To be clear, these are educated guesses based on rumor and speculation. Given T-Mobile’s history with layoffs, we here at The Mobile Report decided that there was enough smoke to warrant assuming there was a fire, so to speak.

It’s unfortunate that T-Mobile (and other companies) are looking to layoffs as a way of increasing company value. T-Mobile is doing well financially, and it’s likely that trimming employees (along with fees and charging people during account suspensions) are helping with that.

We’ve reached out to T-Mobile for comment on the potential layoffs and will update if we hear back.

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