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T-Mobile is looking to gain ground in the prepaid market with an offer for locations in their “Small Market/Rural Area” designation. This is a targeted offer for specific stores, so you will need to be sure your local location has access to the offer if you find it’s right for you.

Typically, an “SMRA” location (as T-Mobile calls them) falls in areas of lower traffic, or serve a rural clientele. If you are in a city, it is likely your local store will not have this offer.

New lines of prepaid service can get discounted or free devices depending on if you port in from an eligible carrier or activate service. You will also need to top up a certain amount on your prepaid service on an eligible plan at activation as well.

Devices Eligible For The Deal

All deals require the activation of a new prepaid line of service on the $50 Unlimited 5G rate plan at minimum. Since it is prepaid, be prepared to pay that $50 up front. There is also a $10 charge for the SIM card, as well as any additional taxes and fees.

If you port a number in from an eligible carrier at activation, you can get the Samsung A14 5G for free. An interesting caveat is that Metro by T-Mobile is an eligible carrier this time around. Again, it is worth a call to your local store to see if your current carrier is eligible, especially if it is an MVNO using T-Mobile’s network.

If you do not port a number, but activate a line, you are still eligible for the A14 5G for $99. That is still a $128 discount.

T-Mobile’s REVVL lineup also makes its way into the promotion. Activating a line on $50 Unlimited 5G rate plan with a new number nets you the REVVL 6 5G or REVVL 6 x 5G on T-Mobile. The REVVL 6 x 5G in particular might be limited stock, so if that device has your eye and your local store has it, grab it quickly.

Is the A14 5G or REVVL lineup enough to make you consider a switch? Let us know in the comments below!

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