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Woman holding the TCL 30 Z 4G LTE

Amazon Prime Day has returned, and the site has its famous mountain of deals ready for the savvy shopper to take advantage. Here at The Mobile Report, we’ve prepared a list of top deals and stats that can help you make an informed decision on your next device while deal hunting. Below are some great choices if you are looking for a device on a budget, but still want to have features to keep up with your lifestyle.

TCL 30 Z 4G LTE – Unlocked

Prime Day price: $84.99

The deals begin with the TCL 30 Z, a 4G LTE device that is unlocked to work on most GSM carriers. For the price, you are getting a more than serviceable device to handle basic connectivity needs. The specs are as you’d expect for a budget device, but it does carry notable premium features like face unlock and Google Lens functionality built into the camera software. Here is a rundown of some key hardware features of the device.

Screen Size6.1″
Screen Resolution720 x 1560
Pixels Per Inch~283
Refresh Rate60 Hz
Battery Size3,000 mAh
Storage32 GB
Main Camera8 MP
Front Camera5 MP

Get your hands on one now here:

TCL 30 5G – Unlocked

Prime Day price: $199.99

TCL’s Amazon Prime Day deals continue with the TCL 30 5G. This device is also unlocked and ready for use on most GSM carriers. The 5G is a great factor to consider, as it will boast the best download speeds and data reliability of the three budget choices. Beyond that, the triple camera system and sharper screen promise a better visual experience taking and viewing your media. The specifications speak for themselves, so here they are:

Screen Size6.7″
Screen Resolution1080 x 2400
Pixels Per Inch~393
Refresh Rate60 Hz
Battery Size5,010 mAh
Storage128 GB
Main Camera50 MP
Front Camera13 MP

Get yours now during the sale here:

Samsung Galaxy A03s – Simple Mobile

Amazon Prime Day deal: Feature image of the Samsung A03s

Prime Day price: $34.99

Simple Mobile customers can elect for a premium brand choice with a Samsung device during Amazon Prime Day. The Samsung Galaxy A03s has an impressive 5,000 mAh battery to go the distance between charges. The SD card slot can handle up to an impressive 1TB of external storage. Samsung gives the device a premium edge with a built-in fingerprint reader right on the screen, something seen typically on high-end devices available here at a great price. Check out what you can expect here:

Screen Size6.5″
Screen Resolution720 x 1600
Pixels Per Inch~270
Refresh Rate60 Hz
Battery Size5,000 mAh
Storage32 GB
Main Camera13 MP
Front Camera5 MP

Simple Mobile customers – your new A03s is a click away:

How do They Compare?

The Samsung Galaxy A03s and the TCL 30 Z are fairly on par in terms of performance with one major caveat being the battery. The 66% increase in size for the battery means Simple Mobile users buying the A03s can expect a bit more longevity. Otherwise, it would be difficult to differentiate how the two perform side by side, being so equal.

The clear winner for the value pick is the TCL 30 5G. It has features considered an upgrade from the other two – a sharper screen, the larger battery, but most importantly, 5G connectivity. As carriers continue to ramp up data speeds and connectivity on new technologies, you can future proof your device purchase a bit more if you can shake it.

If you are looking for something with a bit more power, consider the Google Pixel 7a or the Samsung Galaxy Fold 4, both also on sale as part of Amazon’s Prime day deals.

Do you plan to pick up any of these devices on Prime Day? Let us know your thoughts on these deals in the comments below!

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