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This promotion is pretty much over, as T-Mobile is now out of stock of the trackers. You may luck out at a local store, but otherwise this deal is dead.

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T-Mobile has offered their SyncUP Trackers since April of 2021. They’re simple trackers that can be attached to anything and use a cellular connection to maintain an internet connection for tracking. The data line is typically $5 per month, and the tracker itself, manufactured by TCL, has a retail value of $42. The device is usually free when you add an associated line.

According to a leaked document, T-Mobile will offer a pretty significant discount on the SyncUP Trackers beginning tomorrow, March 16th. The carrier will offer a 3-pack bundle of the trackers for free and an 80% discount on their associated lines. That comes out to just $3 per month (with autopay).

Compared to something like the Apple AirTag, the SyncUP uses a cellular connection, rather than nearby devices, to maintain an internet connection for tracking. The up front cost for an AirTag is more expensive, but doesn’t come with a required monthly cost.

That being said, $1 per month each isn’t much of an expense when the device itself is free.

The offer is set to begin tomorrow, March 16th. All T-Mobile postpaid plans that can finance devices are eligible for the offer. It’s also worth mentioning that the tracker lines do not count towards the voice line limit on your account either.

Customers interested in the offer, called 2023 SyncUP Tracker P1, can buy the trackers online or via support beginning tomorrow. Oh, and don’t worry about that expensive DCC fee either, because SyncUP products aren’t subject to that fee.

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