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T-Mobile often has pretty great promotions for buying a device on an installment plan. Standard device promos like 50% off the Galaxy S23 with trade (or free on Magenta MAX) and especially the free 5G devices with any trade (even broken ones!) are quite popular. Those offers are even more valuable now thanks to the carrier removing a per-line limitation to device credits.

Previously, T-Mobile limited the number of active Recurring Device Credits (RDCs) per line to just one. This meant in order to take advantage of a new device promo, the customer would have to pay off the existing device that’s already receiving credits on that line. This payoff would move the RDC to the “account level”, which freed up the line to accept a new device promotion.

However, at some point late last year, T-Mobile changed the wording on their rebates and credits support document. The change appears to have taken place between September 10th and September 23rd of 2022.

According to The Wayback Machine, the language used on September 10th specified that “You may have one Recurring Device Credits promo per line at a time”, as shown below.

Original wording, courtesy of The Wayback Machine

On the 23rd of September, however, the wording changed to say “per active Equipment Installment Plan”. That new wording persists on the currently active support document.

Current wording on the T-Mobile website

This change means that a customer with an active device promotion on their line can add another device with promo to that same line and retain both RDCs. No longer must the customer pay off the existing device receiving credits.

Customers are still limited to their account’s credit line, however. If your new device purchase on installment would exceed the credit line, you’ll have to pay the difference up front as a down payment. If you plan to trade in your current device to get your new one, you’ll have to pay it off regardless.

Some users in the T-Mobile community on both Reddit and Discord have noticed in the past they’ve been able to have two RDCs per line. It’s unclear if the change occurred much earlier than the support document was updated or if some customers just got a bit lucky. Regardless, everyone is now able to safely add a second (or more) device promotion on their line without worry.

Interested in taking advantage of this change by buying a new device? T-Mobile has a list of all their promos on their promotions page.

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