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image of network pass on phones

T-Mobile has offered a “Test Drive” network trial via eSIM for over a year now. It allowed anyone with an unlocked modern iPhone to try out the uncarrier’s network via the phone’s eSIM. Now the carrier is expanding that trial from one month to three, and making it even easier to do. Plus, those wanting to switch to T-Mobile can do so with no hassle via the same app.

Network Pass

Test Drive is now “Network Pass“. It’s built into the main T-Mobile app on both iPhone and Android devices and allows anyone with an unlocked device that supports eSIM to effortlessly try the T-Mobile network for 3 months.

The trial includes unlimited data (with lower priority data after 50 GB per month) and 5G access. Customers keep their existing carrier and number on their existing physical SIM card, and a second line on the eSIM is created.

T-Mobile also offers a free hotspot device for those without the ability to use eSIM, though that option is still limited to just one month and a cap of 30 GB of data.

To sign up for the eSIM-based Network Pass, simply install the T-Mobile app on either iOS or Android, then choose “Try T-Mobile”. From there, the app will guide you through checking eligibility, creating your profile, and connecting your eSIM. For more details you can visit the official support page for Network Pass.

Easy Switch

The other new feature in the T-Mobile app is called “Easy Switch”. It allows a prospective customer to easily change their carrier to T-Mobile using the same eSIM method that Network Pass uses.

Animated Gif of the Easy Switch process

In fact, the Easy Switch process can be done right after that three month trial provided by Network Pass.

The app will guide customers through the entire setup and migration process with no need to call in or visit a store. You can setup up to 5 lines for an entire family right through the app.

Customers who don’t have eSIM-compatible devices will be sent a physical SIM card for their device.


T-Mobile has been quite aggressive when it comes to stealing customers from the competition. They’re also clearly confident enough in their network to give people three entire months of service for free just to show how their modern 5G network will work for them.

Having a streamlined process for prospective customers to go from trying out the network to migrating over to a new T-Mobile plan will make it quick and easy to gain new customers.

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