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T-Mobile’s Home Internet service is so popular that they recently added a third manufacturer to their lineup of modem producers. The carrier recently announced a new Home Internet “Lite” plan for customers living in areas with congestion and limited capacity. These plans offer limited data “buckets” for customers to use every month for a fixed price.

The Home Internet Lite service is offered in 4 different plans starting at $50/mo for 100GB of data and going as high as $150 for 300GB. As a result of the various plans, customers need to decide how much data they need every month to determine which plan to get.

To help customers decide which plan is right for them, T-Mobile has created a new “Data Usage Calculator” tool. The tool, available on T-Mobile’s website now, has sliders for various internet-based activities. Potential customers can adjust the sliders to indicate how many hours a day they spend doing a certain activity, such as video streaming, social media, and gaming.

As the sliders are adjusted, a total estimated amount of data per month is shown at the bottom of the page. In addition to the estimate, a message will say which plan is best for that amount of usage.

If the total estimated data usage exceeds 300GB (which is very easy to do), the tool will show the message “Internet Lite may not be the right product for you based on your data usage”. At first glance, 300GB doesn’t seem like a lot for many people, but for those living in areas with no options but dial-up or satellite, 300GB is a lot.

The data usage tool seems to be robust enough to account for possible future plans, too. It’s possible T-Mobile may offer higher data buckets in the future, and this tool would be able to accommodate for that.

If you’re interested in T-Mobile Home Internet you can check your eligibility on T-Mobile’s Home Internet website.

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