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Changes are coming to T-Mobile Executive Leadership, including Jon Freier taking control of customer care.

The story comes via emails shared with employees today, sent by both CEO Mike Sievert and President of Consumer Group Jon Freier. The emails (shared in full at the bottom of this article) detail changes coming to several leadership roles in the company, labeling them as necessary to ensure “A new era of Un-Carrier”.

The first big change is that Customer Care will now fall entirely to Jon Freier. Prior to now, that responsibility fell to Callie Field, who will now become President of T-Mobile Business Group. She will lead the T-Mobile for Business (TFB) side of the company moving forward.

This move is all about our focus on customers, and Callie and I can’t wait to see where Jon takes things with our new, more integrated team. I know I don’t need to tell anyone at this company about Jon’s famous passion for our frontline teams and the customers they support!!

Mike Sievert, CEO T-Mobile

This is likely a welcome change for many T-Mobile customers. Complaints of poor customer service have risen in the last year or so, with many customers directly blaming Callie Field for the problem since becoming Chief Customer Experience Officer in March of last year. Even some employees were unhappy with decisions made by Field. Most complaints stem from bad interactions with offshore support teams, who have been reported to add unwanted features without consent and make questionable changes that break promotions. We’ll have to wait and see if Freier will make changes to improve these issues.

In addition to the Customer Care changes, Sievert has reestablished the role of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for T-Mobile and given the role to Mike Katz. Katz was formerly the President of T-Mobile Business Group. The CMO will now also absorb the duties of Dow Draper, President of Emerging Products at T-Mobile. Draper will be leaving the company in April.

Next, Chief Digital Officer Marcus East will now become part of T-Mobile’s Senior Leadership Team (SLT). East’s department will now become part of Marketing, led by Mike Katz.

Finally, Janice Kapner, Chief Communications Officer, will expand her role and lead the Communications, Community and Events teams.

At T-Mobile, we’re all about the customer. Like I promised in my talk with you about “A New Era of Un-carrier”, I’m making it my priority to align our team around the best customer experiences we can create, and that’s what these moves are about.

Mike Sievert, CEO T-Mobile

These are big changes for T-Mobile’s leadership. Hopefully they lead to positive impacts for the future of the company.

Full Emails: Mike Sievert | Jon Freier

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