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According to leaked slides shared with The T-Mo Report, T-Mobile will soon begin offering “Cross Channel Returns” where customers can do in-store trade-ins, returns, and store pickup for orders placed online and through standard support channels.

The slides confirm what one user on Reddit recently posted on the T-Mobile subreddit. T-Mobile will launch “Cross Channel Returns” on November 10th.

T-Mobile will now be able to accept returns as well as trade-ins at store locations even if you placed that order outside of the store. Plus, customers can place orders online or via support and pick that order up in-store instead of having their order shipped.

Deferred trade-ins are when a customer places an order online or via support with a trade-in device included as part of the order, like for a free phone. That device is typically mailed to T-Mobile directly by the customer once they receive their new device. However, now the customer will have the option to take the trade-in device to a nearby store instead.

The slides state that this program “will eliminate a competitive disadvantage”, likely pointing out that the competition already offers these features.

The program is set to begin on November 10th.

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