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T-Mobile has confirmed via today’s Virtual Analyst Day stream that existing rural T-Mobile stores will begin selling and servicing the Metro by T-Mobile brand. This confirms our story from back in January.

In the live stream, Jon Freier stated that T-Mobile plans to expand the Metro by T-Mobile brand. They will be opening around 500 Metro stores and “multi-carrier” stores. These “multi-carrier” stores are a sort of “all in one” store under the T-Mobile name that will serve T-Mobile, Sprint, and Metro by T-Mobile accounts.

“Across our existing stores, as well as our new stores in rural America, we plan to introduce Metro by T-Mobile products in our own T-Mobile stores” Freier said. “This move allows us to expand our prepaid reach, and doing so in a way that’s even better for our customers.”

We’ve recently received a tip that 4 existing T-Mobile stores in rural areas are already beginning trials where those stores will have access to Metro systems. These are areas where the nearest Metro by T-Mobile stores are at least an hour away.

The NWIDA has been critical in the past about this move, stating that T-Mobile is attempting to eliminate independent Metro stores. They’ve been in contact with the FTC and lawyers over some of these moves, like the potential of 1000+ metro store closings.

The decision to sell Metro directly in T-Mobile stores was one part of a big plan to expand T-Mobile. They also confirmed Walmart and Best Buy distribution plans.

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