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TVision Logo

According to a post on Reddit and independently confirmed via anonymous sources, T-Mobile’s TVision service will soon allow you to sign in to other network apps with your TVision login. This presumably will include apps like ESPN, Discovery, Fox Sports, etc.

TVision’s current iteration launched back on November 1st, offering simple packages and pricing for the top cable tv channels. Currently, TVision offers 3 packages: Live TV, Live TV+, and Live Zone, with 30, 40, and 50 channels respectively, starting at $40/mo.

TVision Everywhere will allow you to sign into “supported third-party apps” similarly to how traditional cable tv services do. This may allow you to get around the sometimes annoying limitation where you can’t stream on a device inside the home and outside the home at the same time.

As far as the rumor shows, this is the only perk of “TVision Everywhere”. It remains to be seen if there are additional features being added to this release.

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