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Customers across the country were outraged when T-Mobile decided to increase prices on a bunch of legacy plans last month. The company raised phone plans by $5 per line for most customers with older plans and $2 per mobile internet line (like tablets and watches).

At the time, many customers stated they plan to file complaints with the FCC, particularly due to the perception that T-Mobile was violating their price lock agreement. According to a post on Reddit, the company has a boilerplate response letter that they are sending to those customers.

The letter, which is shared below in full, shares for the first time exactly who was impacted by the price increases (at least partially). The company says that customers with the Price Lock associated with accounts opened between April 28th, 2022 and January 17th, 2024 were not affected. Customers online have been referring to this particular version as “Price Lock 1.0”.

On January 18th, T-Mobile changed the terms of Price Lock, effectively ending the guarantee of not raising prices. Instead, customers on the newer terms, dubbed “Price Lock 2.0” by the community, simply has the right to cancel their plan if T-Mobile raises prices, and have T-Mobile pay for their last month’s bill.

The biggest question we still have, that isn’t answered by this letter, is which accounts opened before April 28th, 2022 are affected. These accounts are covered by “Un-Contract Promise”, and according to the letter these customers are able to request their last month’s payment waived as well if they were hit by the price increase.

The problem is that there are numerous customers on older plans that were not impacted, and those customers are covered by that same promise. Some customers on the ONE plan (myself included) were not impacted, yet others were.

Either way, the letter is written in a way that says the company is confident they’re in the right when it comes to their Price Lock guarantee. It’s also written in a way that suggests it’s being sent en masse to pretty much anyone that files a complaint.

There’s no telling if (or more likely when) T-Mobile will increase prices for legacy plans again any time soon. If you’re on a plan opened between April 28th, 2022 and January 17th, 2024, though, it might be worth holding on to that plan for dear life.

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