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With T-Mobile polishing up its Home Internet offerings, competitors need to step up not only by providing better services, but also seem more attractive to potential customers. Verizon has been looking to convince users to sign up for its 5G Home Internet service, which is comparable to T-Mobile’s in terms of pricing and (depending on where you live) service. Now, what’s probably one of its best offers lately is coming back, so make sure to hop on it while you can.

Verizon is luring new customers with a unique home internet promotion that caters to gamers and tech enthusiasts. The carrier is offering a free Nintendo Switch console or a Home Depot gift card to those who sign up for their 5G Home Plus or LTE Home Plus internet plans.

This is not the first time the company gives away this console, and it has even offered other consoles, such as the Xbox Series X, in the past.

If you don’t want (or need) a Nintendo Switch, you can opt grab a $200 gift card for Home Depot instead, so you can get your home the touch-ups it needs.

To secure the Switch or the Home Depot bonus, sign up for the internet service before June 12, as that’s when the promotion ends. Additionally, you’ll need to maintain the service for at least 65 days to earn the reward, and maintain service for 180 days to avoid Verizon charging back your card for the cost of the device or the gift card.

If you’re interested in redeeming the reward, you can sign up at the link below.

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