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The more some things change, the more some things stay the same. This time, in a good way!

Recently, T-Mobile revamped their longstanding T-Mobile Tuesdays program. It took on the new moniker “T-Life“, and became a part of a new customer benefit program called “Magenta Status“.

Though some new perks were added, many existing ones also carried over as well as part of the new identity. MLB.tv, another service T-Mobile gives customers on the house every year, is also back. This marks an impressive ninth year T-Mobile has brought MLB.tv to its customers.

Email communication is going out to eligible customers to get ready to redeem the service for the 2024 baseball season. The benefit is also extended to Metro by T-Mobile customers as well.

What is important to know is customers must redeem their annual subscription on March 26th through April 1st or you will not be able to get it. That’s a very limited window. There is a limit of one redemption per line on eligible accounts.

What customers are seeing in their email now.

What To Know About MLB.tv

MLB.tv is the official streaming service of Major League Baseball. Fans get the highest available package, “MLB.tv All Teams” for free with T-Mobile. This level of service nets you every out-of-market game live or on demand for any MLB team. It also includes all live radio broadcasts of games pitch by pitch.

Once subscribed, T-Mobile customers can log-in on any compatible device and enjoy watching games, even with the new multi-view feature to watch up to four games at once. Another lesser-known feature is the inclusion of MiLB coverage, where fans can see live streaming footage of many minor league teams too. Essentially, the service is a must-have for any baseball fan.

The one common complaint with MLB.tv as a service is that it is subject to local blackout rules. For example, if you are a Boston Red Sox fan living in Boston, MLB.tv will ‘black out’ Red Sox games as local broadcast rights restrict the streaming service. However, the moment you are out of the broadcast area for the regional sports network, the game will be viewable.

T-Mobile, however, is not at fault for this limitation. It is a broadcasting issue of MLB.tv as a service agreeing to play by the rules with regional sports networks. MLB syndication in general has been an increasing mess over the years. An already fragmented and limited viewer base is scraping to be able to watch their teams all year long. Luckily, save local blackout, MLB.tv can overlook most of those issues.

Oh, and be sure not to use your MLB subscription on a device on a competitor network. Though not entirely proven, there were claims in the past that using the T-Mobile free subscription on a Verizon or AT&T phone will void the membership.

Have you redeemed your MLB.tv in prior years with T-Mobile? Let us know your thoughts on the service in the comments below.

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