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T-Mobile has always been about providing magenta-branded devices for customers. Between the SyncUP and REVVL lineups, customers have a lot of budget options to get connected on T-Mobile’s network. Despite these devices likely not carrying a huge cost to T-Mobile to obtain and sell, T-Mobile is still throwing in the towel on one of them.

As of November 10th, SyncUP PETS will be making a full exit, with devices no longer connecting to the network and effectively deactivating.

Internal documents outlining the SyncUP PETS service shutdown

The most important thing to know is that the pet tracking will no longer be available. If customers actively use the service, they’ll need to be on top of the shutoff date.

Since the device launch in February 2020, SyncUP PETS will have seen over two and a half years in the portfolio. The SyncUP PETS support page is still live, and it also verifies the service shutdown date.

Details of SyncUP PETS service ending

SyncUP PETS has already been delisted from T-Mobile’s product website. Fortunately, there is no extra steps for consumers beyond knowing the service will end.

Customers will be notified October 27th of the shutdown via an automated text message to the primary phone number on the account. It is unknown at this time if the SyncUP PETS app will also notify customers.

The lines will automatically be cancelled and billing will cease as of November 10th, 2023. T-Mobile has been good about service discontinuation for consumers in the past, like offering devices to consumers impacted by the 2G network shutdown, but in this case there’s not much the company can offer as compensation.

No additional action is necessary on behalf of customers, but they can still call 611 if they have any additional questions about the shutoff. The SyncUP Drive and SyncUP Tracker will still be available for customers.

Those critical of T-Mobile’s latest moves might consider the fact that the SyncUP PETS device was twice the monthly cost that a SyncUP Tracker is on autopay, so I guess good move there. The SyncUP Tracker page on T-Mobile’s website even details how the tracker can be placed on a dog collar. However, the Tracker carries a 1.9/5 rating on T-Mobile’s website, so if you choose to invest in the alternative, be wary.

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