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Update 10/12/23: Here’s our guide on how to opt out of the changes, along with an FAQ and a method of checking if the opt out has successfully been applied. If you haven’t already, we highly recommend reading that article, as it goes into detail about who is affected and what you can do about it.

Once upon a time, as part of Un-Carrier 9.0, then T-Mobile CEO John Legere stated that “The Un-contract is our promise to individuals, families and businesses of all sizes, that − while your price may go down − it won’t go up”.

It seems those days are long gone, as a leaked series of documents has confirmed the company plans to force customers on slightly older plans onto the newer Go5G equivalents unless you opt out.

As first shared on Reddit and separately confirmed by us here at The Mobile Report, T-Mobile plans to automatically migrate customers on older plans to a newer Go5G equivalent plan.

Affected plans are the following:

  • Magenta
  • One
  • Magenta 55+
  • Simple Choice / Select Choice
  • Simple Choice Business

The rate plan that customers are moved to will vary depending on which plan they are coming from. Simple Choice and Select Choice may be moved to either of two options, possibly dependent on how many lines are on the account.

Luckily, customers will (for now) have the opportunity to opt-out of these changes, even if the changes are discovered after they happen.

Customers can contact support upon notification of the pending changes and, after possibly listening to a pitch on why they should migrate anyway, be allowed to opt out of the migration.

If the customer does not notice the pending change, or misses the notification, the plan can still be reverted back, though it’s not clear how long that will be an option.

Care reps are also instructed to offer one-time credits if customers complain and want to opt-out.

We are not raising the price of any of our plans; we are moving you to a newer plan with more benefits at a different cost.

T-Mobile’s doublespeak script for care employees

The documents include talking points and benefit statements care reps are to use to encourage customers to allow the plan changes.

Affected customers will begin receiving notices about the migration on October 17th via email and sms.

Below is a list of expected price changes for customers that go through migration. Some customers could see price increases as high as $120 per month on accounts with 12 lines.

It’s a sad day for many T-Mobile customers. The days of T-Mobile being an honest company that won’t raise your rates behind your back are gone. Sure, you can opt-out, but it’s clear the goal is to have as many people ignore the changes as possible, and increase profits by changing out the legacy plans for new, more expensive ones.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this story and updating you if we learn more.

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