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The mobile industry is no stranger to enticing deals and offers, but AT&T’s latest proposal with the Pixel 8 Pro is making waves and is worth a closer look. Here’s everything you need to know about this exciting new offer.

First off, the Pixel 8 Pro, like several other devices in recent times, have had an increase of $39.99 added to its original price tag. This is specific to AT&T, and it means that for those not looking to take advantage of AT&T’s specific deal, they might find themselves paying a slightly higher amount than what they could find at other retailers.

The offer gives you a brand new Pixel 8 Pro for free when you trade in practically any phone worth anything of value, as long as you’re on an eligible unlimited plan.

How to get the deal

To be eligible for this offer, AT&T has set a few guidelines:

  1. Customers must opt for a plan worth a minimum of $75 (before any discounts).
  2. Commitment to this plan is required for a span of 36 months.
  3. At the time of activation, sales taxes need to be cleared. However, for members of AARP or other recognized employer/membership unions, activation and upgrade fees might be waived, sweetening the deal further.

The heart of this deal lies in the trade-in offer. Any device that AT&T evaluates to have a fair market value of $35 or more will qualify for the deal. For customers, this translates to the full cost of the Pixel 8 Pro, a whopping $1,040, being comped.

It’s essential to remember that no additional down payments are permitted. Furthermore, if you choose to pay off the device early, the credits that make this deal so appealing might come to a halt. AT&T’s installment plans also last 3 years, compared to, say, T-Mobile, who has 2-year installment plans.

The Pixel 8 Pro itself is a formidable device packed with impressive features. Its performance, camera quality, and overall user experience make it a sought-after choice among smartphone enthusiasts.

What sets this AT&T offer apart is the vast array of devices that fall under the $35+ deal. This range ensures that a significant number of existing AT&T customers, as well as potential new ones, can trade in their old devices, reaping maximum benefits.

If you’re interested in this incredible deal, you can pre-order the Pixel 8 Pro now on AT&T’s website.

AT&T’s deal with the Pixel 8 Pro provides an alluring proposition for both existing and new customers. With the opportunity to exchange a broad variety of devices and get the Pixel 8 Pro’s cost fully comped, it’s a deal that’s hard to pass up for those in the market for an upgrade. Always ensure you read the fine print and understand the terms before committing, but for many, this deal might just be the golden ticket to owning the Pixel 8 Pro.

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