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It seems to be a growing trend these days that video streaming services raise their prices constantly. It’s something that has been happening a lot lately, with services such as Disney+ and Netflix increasing their prices by anywhere from $2 to $3.

Although these hikes may seem insignificant on their own, the cost of multiple subscriptions can add up quickly. One way to offset the costs is taking advantage of T-Mobile’s streaming perks, and the company has now confirmed that free Apple TV+ won’t go away just because Apple wants more money.

T-Mobile will officially still honor its word and keep paying for your Apple TV+ subscription, despite the fact that the streaming service recently went up in price. As detailed in a leaked document provided to us here at The Mobile Report, the streaming service should still be free of cost to those who qualify. The price increase will be reflected on your bill from this point onward, so if you haven’t finished Ted Lasso just yet, you have nothing to worry about — you don’t need to run and cancel it.

In case you missed it, Apple has decided to increase the price of its streaming service, Apple TV+, from its current $6.99 up to $9.99, a notable $3 increase. Before this, the price of the service went up from $4.99 to $6.99 one year ago, so this marks the second time Apple has increased the price of the subscription within the past 12 months. Not a particularly exciting trend to see.

Nonetheless, despite the increased price, T-Mobile will still foot the bill. Netflix also recently announced price hikes, and T-Mobile almost immediately announced that despite the price hike, things shouldn’t change for users who are getting Netflix for free, or discounted, through the carrier. So there’s no need to worry for now. Maybe you’ll need to in the future, though, since this train doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

If you have a qualifying plan that’s eligible for Apple TV+ and want to sign up, you can do so at this link.

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