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T-Mobile's "Back-to-School" promotions are back.

T-Mobile has announced their annual back-to-school promotions for 2023. The offers for this promotion cater to younger or first-time smartphone users. There are deals that also offer a bit more data connectivity for students with additional needs. T-Mobile also used the announcement to promote other offers the Un-Carrier provides centered around the new Go5G Plus plan. Beyond the laundry list of benefits the plan offers, the $30 home internet for having the Go5G Plus plan is a nice, relevant plug. You can find the landing page for the promotion itself here.

Phone Deals For Back-to-School

There are four phones T-Mobile is offering for free with the promotion. What’s nice is all devices offered are compatible with T-Mobile’s 5G network. You are required to add a voice line to your account on a compatible plan in order to get the deal.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 is the star device in the promotion. It is also free for the base 128GB model ($800 off), but requires either a trade-in or the Go5G Plus plan on top of the additional line.

Data & Connected Device Deals For Back-to-School

Three child-centric data devices are also on promotion. Like the phone deals, they also require an additional line be added to the account that fits the device the line is for.

Keep in mind, these devices will still require sales tax on the full device MSRP, as well as the $35 device connectivity charge due at signup.

Are these back-to-school deals hot? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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