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Authors note: Plan comparisons have been updated based on changes AT&T made to the Unlimited Elite plan on July 12, 2021

Another day, another major carrier announcing rate increases.

On the heels of Verizon’s announcement to raise rates on some legacy plans, AT&T has officially announced they will too. The plan seeing an increase in this case is the retired AT&T Unlimited Elite plan.

The price increase will go into effect during the August bill cycle, which isn’t much notice. Prices will be raised by $2.50 per voice line. For larger accounts, this can add up pretty quickly.

AT&T provides two choices for customers sticking around: keep the plan and take the increase, or switch to one of the current plans like Unlimited Premium, Unlimited Extra, or Unlimited Starter. You can review the rates and features of each plan on their website.

The big three carriers are all finding ways to squeeze more money out of existing customers lately. Even T-Mobile, the company famous for promising to never raise rates for existing customers, is finding new ways to make money, like charging customers just to pay their bill in stores.

Is It Still Worth Keeping Unlimited Elite?

It’s worth noting that AT&T’s currently available plan, Unlimited Premium, carries the same base rate as Unlimited Elite. It will not incur this new $2.50 per line fee. So, what’s at stake for considering a switch? Many features are fairly even, but there are minor differences to account for.

Both plans are not subject to deprioritization based on usage, a change AT&T made in 2021 to Elite upgrading it from 100GB. So, in both plans, you are free to use as much data as you like without the risk of slowdown.

International features are also parallel in both plans. In both Unlimited Premium and Unlimited Elite, customers get talk, text, and data in Canada & Mexico, and an additional 19 Latin American countries. There is comfort in knowing anyone who makes the change won’t be missing out.

There are two main changes to account for. First, the high-speed data allotment for hotspot gets a bump with the newer plan, from 40GB to 50GB. A step in the right direction, as it is more value to move to Unlimited Premium.

However, customers must be cautious of the other change. HBO Max is included in the Unlimited Elite plan, but not Unlimited Premium. Making the switch means being mindful of how much you use the service and the number of lines you have. Max plans vary from $9.99 – $19.99. When looking at this $2.50 rate increase per line, and your usage of the streaming service, this is where making the best decision for your money lies. If you don’t use HBO Max at all anymore, the old plan might end up costing you more. If you are still binging the latest series, the value might still be there for you, albeit in a decreased discount.

Finally, keep in mind AT&T permits mixing and matching of plans. So long as one line on your account remains on Unlimited Elite, and the remainder move to Unlimited Premium, you can still have the best of both. As it stands today, this still works, with customers able to incur only a single $2.50 charge keeping the HBO Max benefits, saving the fee on the other lines. But, as always with varying plans on an account for tailored benefits, always be ready for AT&T to realize this in the future and potentially stop it. Your mileage may vary.

AT&T Still Gives Customers A Choice

There is a third option for AT&T customers facing the price increase. As it was with their recently announced autopay discount change, AT&T is offering a way out.

If this is the final straw, you can return any financed devices by October 31st and have the installment plan waived. With that freedom, you can then do as you will with your number without fear of financial penalty. Customers are directed to the AT&T care number at 1-800-331-0500 to discuss that option.

2023 continues to be the year of bill manipulation for major carriers. Do you have AT&T Unlimited Elite? Have you had enough? Tell us how you feel in the comments below.

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