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Phones break all the time. Maybe you were leaving the store and dropped it on the pavement. Perhaps you spilled some coffee on it. Scenarios like these are why phone companies offer insurance plans for your devices. It looks like Verizon is about to make some positive changes to their insurance offering under the “Mobile Protect” program.

The Verizon Mobile Protect program offers full device coverage for between $14 and $17 per month, depending on the tier of device you are insuring. They also offer multi-device coverage for $50 per month, which covers 3 lines/devices, with more lines being an additional $11.40 per month.

For comparison, SquareTrade offers single device protection for $8.99 per month and a family plan covering 4 devices for $19.99 per month. Their deductible, however, is a flat $149 per claim, regardless of issue.

According to a document shared with us here at TMR, embedded below, Verizon will soon be making changes to the deductibles customers pay when filing a claim. The changes make Verizon’s insurance offerings a bit more competitive.

Currently, Verizon (through their insuring partner Asurion) charges $29 for a cracked screen repair on a covered device. A full device replacement, for example if your device is fully destroyed or lost, costs anywhere from $229 to $249. Shown below are the deductible estimates for a Pixel 7 directly from the Asurion website.

Those deductibles will soon be lowered quite a bit. Beginning on April 27th, 2023, Verizon will apparently offer free screen replacements for all covered devices. Plus, if you need a full replacement, the cost is dropping to a very reasonable $99.

Peace of mind for about $17 a month isn’t too bad. Knowing you can get a free screen replacement might even encourage you to go without a case on that brand new Galaxy S23.

The new pricing takes effect April 27th.

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