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A year ago, T-Mobile made news by promising all employees will earn at least $20 per hour. The fine print on that news was that it wasn’t the base pay that would be $20 per hour, but the total take-home pay. Still, not too bad of a deal. Well it looks like it’s getting even better for some employees, as T-Mobile has given most frontline employees a $1 per hour raise to their base pay, as well as a few other perks and incentives.

Frontline Employee Pay Increase

According to documents obtained by us here at The T-Mo Report, the “Uncarrier” has raised most frontline workers’ base pays by $1 per hour. That includes both standard Mobile Experts (MEs) and Retail Associate Managers (RAMs).

In addition to those raises, Mobile Expert “Keyholders” will now receive quarterly bonuses, which we’ve been told is $300, starting with a prorated amount in December.

Bonuses For Making Customers “Digital Ready”

It also looks like T-Mobile is looking to encourage customers to handle things on their own more often. Starting December 1st, Mobile Experts will receive a $5 “SPIFF”, which is a one-time bonus, for each new account the employee makes “Digital Ready”.

“Digital Ready” means the customer has signed up for an online T-Mobile ID/account. As seen below, accounts qualify if the new account’s Primary Account Holder (PAH) signs into their online account within 3 days of account creation. RAMs and RSMs (Retail Store Managers) will also get a $1 SPIFF for every account that becomes Digital Ready in their store.

There’s one more interesting detail too. As detailed in the second image above, if an account that has been made Digital Ready then goes on to add lines or buy devices themselves over the next 24 months, the original employee that set the account up gets a bonus.

It’s surprising to see T-Mobile push for more self-serve activity by T-Mobile customers, given the fact that they recently added the $35 “Device Connection Charge” to online orders. It remains to be seen if that change has caused customers who would formally handle things on their own to now go in-store for such actions.

Overall, the news is pretty good for the hard working frontline employees that handle all sorts of customer issues on a day to day basis. It’s great to see T-Mobile is looking after their employees.

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