DIGITs Promotions Added In Error Being Removed From Accounts, 200K+ Affected

2 min read

T-Mobile has found a billing error that incorrectly applied promotions to many accounts.

According to texts that began going out September 15th, and an internal screenshot shared with The T-Mo Report (embedded below), about 200,000 accounts had a free Proxy by DIGITs line promotion on their accounts. Those promotions are now being removed, and customers will begin being charged for those lines.

In addition, about 3,000 accounts were able to add two recurring device credit promos on a single line. These promotions were “add a line” promos. Apparently, 2 separate bill credit promos were attached to a single line in these cases.

The document states that the issue was “fixed” back in July, but customers continued receiving both credits. On September 13th, those mistaken promos are being removed/fixed. Customers will not have to pay back any credits received.

It’s unclear how or why such promotions were added.

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