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A lot of MVNOs use T-Mobile, but some are actually owned by the carrier itself, such as the newly acquired Mint Mobile and Ultra Mobile, and, of course, Metro by T-Mobile. They’re all great if you happen to be in need of cheap prepaid service, and they all have a no-nonsense approach to pricing as well as great sign-up bonus.

That being said, don’t you wish they actually rewarded you for sticking with them in the long term rather than just giving you service throughout all those years? As it turns out, Metro by T-Mobile actually has what you need.

T-Mobile has just announced a notable change in Metro by T-Mobile’s plan structure with the launch of their new Metro Flex plans. The new plans address the longstanding industry practice of favoring new customers with the best deals, leaving existing customers with fewer options and higher costs for the same devices.

Metro Flex plans seek to eliminate this disparity by offering both new and existing customers the same access to free 5G phones when they join and a wide range of deals on select devices when they stay with the carrier. Customers can upgrade their phones every one, two, or three years, with expanding options for those who remain loyal to Metro.

The new plans start at $50 per month with AutoPay and include unlimited talk, text, and 5G data on T-Mobile’s extensive network. Metro Flex Plus customers also enjoy additional benefits such as unlimited international texting and a complimentary Amazon Prime membership.

This move by Metro by T-Mobile represents a significant shift in the prepaid wireless industry, placing a greater emphasis on customer retention and providing a more equitable experience for all users. It remains to be seen how other carriers will respond to this challenge, but for now, Metro customers can look forward to a more rewarding and transparent wireless experience.

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