Former T-Mobile CEO John Legere shows interest in running for office

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The former CEO of T-Mobile John Legere shared interest in running for office via Twitter today following the attack on the Capitol that took place on Wednesday.

Legere, a Republican, famously had a twitter fight with Donald Trump back in 2015 when Trump said “T-Mobile service is terrible!”, causing Legere to immediately say he was checking out of the Trump hotel. They again argued later that same year.

“For the first time in my life I am actually considering the possibility of running for office. It’s clear somebody needs to help real Americans find change. I’m not sure I’m capable, but I can’t stand by simply watching this craziness.”

John Legere via Twitter

Legere was hired as CEO of T-Mobile in September of 2012. He quickly became a popular figure in tech due to his “bad boy” style persona and industry disrupting changes to the company. Many credit him for singlehandedly changing the mobile market for the better. Under his leadership T-Mobile instituted changes such as eliminating 2-year contracts, offering incentives and payoffs for switching from a competitor, and making unlimited data the norm.

It remains to be seen whether these traits that have helped him succeed at T-Mobile in the past will translate into the political world.

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